United Nations SDG 4 calls for education for sustainable development, including the promotion of human rights, global citizenship and the appreciation of cultural diversity. In this workshop we will discuss approaches which might be useful to promote the competencies and attitudes in students relevant in this context. With the six-hats-method we will introduce a method which will require learners to have a look at any kind of social problem from different perspectives. In addition, we will reflect on how camps for children might be a useful model for supporting processes of education for sustainable development. On a more theoretical stance we would like to reflect about the connection of education and environmental protection. As for the fourth aspect covered in this workshop, we will start with you: We would like to discuss your social responsibility as Mosul University students and the new generation of Iraqi academics according to the dimensions of sustainability. In this regard we would like to invite you to learn about and together with us reflect on the topics outlined above and more, develop ideas with us which will then be presented and discussed on the final conference day. The workshop is open for students of all disciplines and especially relevant for students of education, humanities, sociology, psychology and related disciplines.