Technological solutions have a great potential in the implementation process of all SDGs. At the same time, the use of technology can be resource-intensive and might have impacts on our environment. We will discuss the role of technology in Sustainable Development. As a case example, we look at smart sensor systems in agriculture, specifically, beekeeping. Smart sensor systems can be used to predict the health- and development state of honey bee colonies. Based on this, an early warning system can be implemented and potentially prevent the loss of honey bee colonies. Together, we build such a sensor setup for a honey bee colony to learn about used hardware, software and data analysis and discuss advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. Building up on this, we will think about other applications of sensor systems and information technology, and their potential benefits and risks to sustainable development in Ninevah and Iraq. We will then develop ideas to be presented and discussed on the final conference day. The workshop is open for students of all disciplines and especially relevant for students of natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), environmental science, computer science/IT, electrical engineering and related disciplines.