United Nations’ SDG 16 sets guidelines for promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. In our workshop we would like to focus on security as the foundation for peaceful coexistence. We would like to expand the perspective from traditional understandings of the security concept to non-traditional conceptualizations including environmental security which also involves environmental aspects such considering climate-change related risks. Focusing on the situation in the city of Mosul, in this phase of post-conflict transition we will discuss the potential of such a broad security concept in terms of these questions: What are the environmental realities in Mosul after the war? What are the strategic challenges for environmental security in Mosul? And, what are the opportunities for developing environmental security in the city of Mosul? In our four-day workshop we invite you to learn about and discuss these issues, develop ideas with us which will then be presented and discussed on the final conference day. The workshop is open for students of all disciplines and especially relevant for students of law, social sciences, sociology, political science, philosophy, education, psychology and related disciplines.