International efforts to foster sustainable peace have a bad reputation – with good reasons: political fragmentation and violent conflicts increased despite or because of international presence in Lebanon, Libya or Iraq. The recent Taliban takeover of Afghanistan following years of international engagement is only the latest episode in a series of failures. International and especially western endeavors of seeking to foster peace in post-war contexts are in crisis. In this workshop, we will discuss current international peace efforts and will think about possibilities for more sustainable alternatives. We will especially reflect on the role of education in the prevention of violent extremism and its relation to other aspects of relevance for peacebuilding efforts. Building on every participant’s everyday observations, we will try to develop more authentic and locally embedded approaches to improve one’s everyday-situation and thereby contribute to a more sustainable peace. In our four-day workshop we invite you to learn about and discuss the issues described above and more, develop ideas with us which will then be presented and discussed on the final conference day. The workshop is open for students of all disciplines and especially relevant for students of law, social sciences, sociology, political sciences, philosophy, education, psychology and related disciplines.