This subject is designed to acquaint students with the concept, main principles and process of mediation in legal disputes. As well, students are welcome to acquire mediator’s practical skills, which definitely will benefit their legal professional career in the future. This subject is of practical nature – the most part of the learning process is conducted through discussions, group and individual practical tasks, role plays and self-reflection. One objective of this workshop is to obtain theoretical knowledge on mediation, gain practical skills in performing mediator’s role and to acquire basic and systematic understanding about the importance and advantages of the settlement in legal disputes. Students will get to know different approaches towards dispute resolution and let them discover the main differences of cooperation-based mediation in comparison with competition-based court or arbitration procedures. Transborder conflict resolution challenges the participants as well as the facilitators: culture, distance, time and technology play a very important role. Practical examples and experiences will be discussed and ideas developed how to prepare for intercultural transborder dispute resolution settings presented. The workshop is open for students of all disciplines and especially relevant for students of law, social sciences, sociology, political science, philosophy, education, psychology and related disciplines.